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Violent pain


I started a week ago to get the indescribable violent pain in my tooth, where it after some days felt as if all the teeth in the same side did hurt very much. I was at the dentist's today and was diagnosed with a hole, which had gone down to the nerve, which was causing the extreme pain. I have now got it made, but now the pain after the anesthesia come back again, now they are just twice as bad. It must be said that I have pain around the clock and I am not sleeping at night, because the pain is so extreme. I've got some Ibumetin(400mg) and alm. notebook which tilsydladende only works a very small percentage. I have held myself to these all week, but now my limit is gone. It may not fit, I have to go and be so sore all the time. So my few questions are:

After what I have come to find through google.dk, so can a hole down to the nerve cause inflammation, which is causing the extreme pain. So I am thinking.. If this is the case, then I should surely be able to get prescription on something which is a lot more effective than these, as I now get?

And can I do something to prevent than later root canal treatment?

I hope to get a response otherwise
thank you in advance.

Sincerely, Anne


Your tooth must rodbehandles if you have so many pains in so long. It will help in the pain to get the rodbehandlet. It is not necessary with penicillin if you have inflammation in a tooth.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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