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All the teeth when not with each other when I bite together



I got the d.2/11 Made a hole, acute with a new,young dentist who is employed in tandlægehuset where else I have had the same dentist for 25 years.She couldn't anaesthetise me properly and had to seek help from a colleague (my own dentist had free). she stuck with the needle about 12 times!!
It turned out that the neighboring tooth also have a little damage on the side (a sølvfyldning on the surface). It was agreed that she should rep. with the same , now since the entire side was stunned!!The whole thing took 2 hours!!!. She have big problems to remove the rind that sat on the tooth to keep the filling with! when she had vrikket and recovered gave the following, with the result that the pliers she used for the purpose, “smaskede” with a “bang” up in the upper teeth, av av.I was saying that it felt as if the tooth was too high, but we agreed that it probably was the anesthesia.But but but.. I had to call - up after some days, to say that it was still too high, and very sore, but was told that could go 2 months. D. 17/11 I was at my own dentist, she can not see that it is too high , the soreness of I know can take 5mdr.”chew with the other side,”she says.I may soon not be any places of pain! sleep with a paragraph. cotton wool between the teeth of that makes much o
ndt to “beat” the above and below-the teeth together. Physically, one can hear that the tooth that has been pulled in the “blades” first together in the mouth, all the other teeth can not “reach” each other, it is sore when “banks” on it, and if I try to chew in the side, which is u-undgåeliigt, since the teeth when together, it makes the not in the other side. I'm thinking about the root can be broken? there is not anything to see on the tooth.or is the hole during the filling is mon not drilled properly?

And hilen karen


Dear Karen,

This suggests that the filling is too high, you must have it checked again by the dentist.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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