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Got suddenly, the space between the front teeth



I am a boy of 20 years. I have always had reasonably nice teeth, and they have always been close to each other. But here the other da I noticed that have a little space between my two front teeth, they are sitting close enough up against the gums, but from the middle down to the tip is that got a small space. It is not a very large space, but when I look closely in the mirror sp, you can see it.
I would like to hear what has got to happen, and what I possibly. can do about it?
I don't know if it has any influence, but I think I'm brushing your teeth pretty hard, which I pt. is stopped after I've seen the space. Also drink I don't game much soda and juice, only a few times per week.

Thank you in advance,
Kasper N


Dear Kasper N,

It is a little difficult to answer. I think you should go to your dentist and get him/her to look at it, possibly. take an x-ray image to see if there is something in the bone that can push to the teeth.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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