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Remove visdomstand close to bihulen


I am going to the dentist on Thursday, and ha (fol.a.)removed the last visdomstand. It is filled with holes. My dentist says it sits close to the bihulen... I suffer from dental phobia and have already hurt in the stomach. It sounds really creepy!!
Is there some ricici – as my dentist will not/have told me...??? Evs. in order not to make me more afraid???

mvh Marianne


Dear Marianne

No there is not some particular risks of removing a tooth which is close to the bihulen. It is important that the dentist takes precautions regardless of how the tooth is. In some cases, he get a hole in the lining of the bihulen, if the tooth is so close. But it is not something that is dangerous. And when you get among other things some precautions you should follow after tandudtrækningen, and then grow it well together again. It is certainly not something you should be afraid of.

Hope that my answer reassures you a little.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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