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Can you remove a temporary crown?


dear Dentist

I have made crowns for my front teeth for cosmetic reasons. Since the one unfortunately is skewed and is 3 mm longer than the other, I must have made them. When I got them fitted for approx. 5 weeks ago, we agreed that they were cemented temporarily, so I could get used to them, and only correct if it was necessary.This proved to a be a good idea, as they now must change, but I'm somewhat concerned as to whether you possibly can remove them again without it going out over my own teeth sitting in it. The crown feels as though they are sitting very firmly, I feel. Maybe it's silly to worry about, but it plagues me however part. I have no idea what the dentist has used to cement with.Thank you in advance.

The nervous


Dear nervous,

I do not think that you need to be nervous. It is impossible for me to know what your dentist has used as a temporary cement, but the crowns that are temporarily put on, is usually to get by without problems.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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