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Grants for a ceramic hanger


Hello Dentist!

I am a young guy of 17 years who is going to get fixed my smile and my jaws. Right now I'm sitting with a sign palate with ganebøjle as expanding my upper jaw. Then I must have put rail, and fixed my teeth. Since I am still under 18, this is all paid for by the municipality.

Now I sit then on my second year of high school, and I would be much more happy a little more discreet underwire. My dentist offers shown enough of a “female” togskinne. Now is my question then; Is it something I can get, as 17. year at the municipality's expense? Or must one to pull the wallet out?

My cousin in the UNITED states also has the rail, but he has normal railway tracks at the bottom and at the top he has a togskinne made of ceramic. These ceramic rail is something you can get done in Denmark? And if you can, is it then again on the municipality or at its expense?

Thanks in advance



Dear Sean

I think you need to consult your dentist. I can't say anything about what options they can offer you. The rail you speak of is called Invins Align.

You can read all about coat hangers here

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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