Treatment options in crack in molar

8. June 2009  
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What treatment options are there ?
It consists of the following:
1 crack in a molar in the mouth.
The crack is horizontal around 1 of the 4-headed extremely at the tip just above the old dental fillings but the tooth. The tooth has an old sølvfyldning in the middle.
I'm not particularly crazy about having drugged and drilled, is the only option a new crown ?

Sincerely mrs Jakobsen


Dear Mrs Jacobsen

It is a little difficult to answer your specific case, whether it is necessary with a crown. In some cases, if the filling is relatively small, you can just put a new filling in the plastic. Talk to your own dentist about the possibilities in just your case, also about that you are not so happy about the anaesthetic and treatment.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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