Removed visdomstand, but no stitches?

19. september 2011  
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Hello Dentist Letterbox
I got operated on a visdomstand out today, who lay almost horizontally in the jaw in the right side. I have not particularly hurt, I can chew and talk without problems, but is very sore up under the jaw, also when I turn the head. It is well, what you can expect after an intervention, but I have read others ' feature, and it seems as if they have all been stitched? I'm not – it bleeds part, if I sneeze or tensing my abdominal muscles and there is a huge black hole down the right side of my undermund. It is necessary to be stitched after such an operation is a little nervous with regard to the intake of, for example, cola, as I have a close relationship with (I'm familiar with acid injuries, so it is not a part of my question), but are there any types of food or drinks that do not come in the open crater?

Sincerely Cæcilia


Dear Cæcilia

It is very common that you will be stitched after an operation. But your dentist has the well rated to the evs. was not necessary in your case. You should seek out the dentist again if you are uneasy. But you must like to drink Cola 🙂

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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Acid injuries especially prevalent among teenage boys

6. august 2009  
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Every third 16-year-old boy in the city of Frederiksberg has acid injuries of the teeth, which means the etching of the tooth enamel. Cola, soda and other soft drinks are supposed to be the main reason for syreskaderne – in the specialised language called erosions. The result comes from a study carried out by Frederiksberg Municipality's Dentistry, and, as presented in the Tandlægebladet.

In general, have more than one seventh of the 12-to 17-year-olds in the city of Frederiksberg acid injuries to the teeth. The problem is most often seen among boys, and the damage gets worse, the older you get.

In Tandlægebladet presents overtandlæge Lene Esmark from Frederiksberg and the Municipality of Dentistry the results of a survey of the scope and severity of erosions among 2.151 of the municipality's children and young people in the 12-17 years of age.

According to the survey, 313 of the young people, equivalent to 14.6 per cent. at least one tooth with acid injuries. Five have so severe damage to large areas at minimum one tooth is completely without enamel.

In all age groups is the prevalence of acid injuries highest among the boys, especially in the 15-to 16-years of age. Among the 16-year-olds, for example, has at 7.6 per cent. of the girls, acid injuries, while the same is true for the whole of 32,8 per cent. of the boys. The big gender difference is offset a bit after 16-years of age, but the problem is still most prevalent among the boys. The five persons with the most serious type of erosions are also all boys.

In general, it can be seen that the problem with acid injuries increases with age. The older the adolescents become, the more frequent is the occurrence of acid injuries, as the severity of the damage also increases.

Frederiksberg Municipality's Dental care will now continue to develop targeted prevention programmes in the form of guidance and enlightenment. Efforts must be directed particularly against the boys and should already be implemented from the age of 12 years.

Read more in Tandlægebladet no. 9 2009 or

School introduces common tooth brushing to the morning assembly

10. June 2009  
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Despite the fact that the students at Frøslev-Padborg Skole is good for brushing the teeth, several of the students comprehensive acid injuries to the teeth. The Municipal Dental care has now put the focus on the problem with the project “Stop acid injuries and holes in the teeth”, and have therefore introduced the common tooth brushing in the entire month of June.

Dentures before the age of 18 years
On Førslev-Padborg School they have more students who already have severe acid injuries to the teeth. Continuing students with the high consumption of sweet drinks, especially cola, many of the students could wave goodbye to their teeth and could say hello to dentures, already before the age of 18 years. There are found acid injuries to the teeth in every sixth child under the age of 18 years and the problem is increasing.

Both dentists and dental hygienists can tell you that at Frøslev-Padborg Skole suffering many children of acid injuries. And a possible reason for the problems at this school may be due to the close location to the many tempting offers from grænsebutikkerne, selling cheap sweets, juices and soft drinks are available in mega sizes.

Project “Stop acid injuries and holes in the teeth”
In order to focus on acid injuries the municipal dental care shot the project “Stop acid injuries” in time at Frøslev-Padborg Skole. The project was launched on 2. June with big tandbørstningsdag, where all pupils were given a vanddunk, toothbrush and toothpaste. Secondly, there were common tooth brushing in the great hall.

Fælles tandbørstning til morgensamlingen

Common tooth brushing to the morning assembly

The project will continue throughout the month of June, where the municipal dental care will try to put the focus on the acid injuries and get the tooth brushing at the program each morning. To morgensamlingerne the students will continually get more information on how they can avoid acid injuries.

Every Monday and Thursday there is a common brushing while the students are allowed to look at a power-point presentation with images of acid injuries, diet and tandbørsteinstruktion. Brochures and other promotional material handed out also to the students. Like the municipal dental care will be present every Monday and Thursday. Who will the other days of the week be the common tooth brushing in the classroom.

At the school's library will throughout the period be an exhibition on diet and drinks. In total there will be two exhibitions, one on sugar and one on the PH-the acid in the drinks. The project team has also made the banner, posters and brochures to the students. And a message is also sent to each home on the project.

Frøslev-Padborg Skole will in the period be completely free of juices, soft drinks, and other acidic drinks. And the school canteen, “the Stall”, will in the period to only sell water and milk, and other non-acidic drink. The parents have also got a call for active participation, like all parents are welcome to the events.

The project ends on Wednesday, 24. June, with common brushing and evaluation of the project. A part of the project “Stop acid injuries and holes in the teeth” will dentistry also use at other schools than Frøslev-Padborg School, to the extent that it can be done.