Tend to undershot with the wear on the incisors and tyggeflader

7. may 2009  
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Hello!I've been at the dentist.I tend to a little undershot and the slider of my front teeth on the back quite strongly, and tyggefladerne.
The dentist said the solution was to raise the bit so the front teeth don't wear out.There were 14 crowns in overmund.
The dentist modelerede plastic on my teeth and found a height up so slulle put crowns on.Then he was apparently cold feet for he sleb then all plasticen of my teeth and that it was no good I should instead have a brace of the same robustness as a bite splint glued on to the tyggefladerne and the back of the front teeth.Now I have gone with the plastic glued on the teeth for about 4 months. and it is certainly not pleasant with such a rigid tandkasse.
now if I should have sealed a tooth with plasticen. I also can not use dental floss.
I must say that it has helped my headaches to raise my bite (had headaches 4-5 days a week)
Have you not a good advice



Dear Jens

It is a little difficult to comment on such a specific case like yours. But you can easily raise the bite with crowns, but 14 dollars sounds a little violent.
Ang. plastikskinnen, so you can deal with a removable splint, which the patient walks with a piece of time to find the correct bite height again, but I don't know of anything to glue them firmly on the teeth, which I find inappropriate and this compromises your oral hygiene much.

I would recommend you to speak with your dentist as soon as possible about the treatment plan he has made, perhaps. seek out another dentist for a new vocational assessment. You are also always welcome to consult tandlægeskolerne in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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