Complications of the nose after surgery

18. december 2009  
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I have just been rodspidsamputeret a molar. I have been very irritated from næserodene and go to the wound. Slightly raised and thumps in the næsefløj. I then started to raise around the tooth, and there was found inflammation. My gums from the tooth and up into the roof of the mouth is very irritated. After finishing pondocillin and metronidazole treatment is both the nose and palate, still very annoyed. It makes so little evil in the tooth when I chew and it will be taken out. There is a crack in the tooth. So it had to get out. Is now six hours, very irritated in the gums from the now-missing tooth and up into the palate and nose dunking much, right down to the mandible. The teeth under the wound has been irritated/sore for a while all of this Is because of the bad tooth el is there something else wrong also up at the nose? It started after the operation – that is, amputationen.



Dear Jeanne,

It suggests it is because of. the tooth and the operation. You must go to the dentist again if it continues to bother you.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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