Give your teeth a longer life

  • 6. (October 2010News)  

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    A new study shows that people who skip the regular visits to the dentist over, has far greater risk of losing some of their teeth, when they come up in the 50-years-of age and over. Even if the teeth look nice and fine out here and now, is it not a good idea to just skip tandlægebesøgene over. If you as the young fail to go regularly to the dentist, the consequences can prove only later in life, shows the survey, which is carried out in relation to the great STUFF-review (Diet, Smoking, Alcohol and Exercise).

    The results from the survey shows that the 50-64-year-olds who have been to the dentist regularly, have retained significantly more teeth than those who have missed the visits over. Among those who go regularly to the dentist has 9 out of the 10 retained most of their teeth when they are over 50 years old, while 20% of those who do not go regularly to the dentist only retains 20 or fewer teeth, when they are over 50 years.

    Behold dine tænder som ældre

    Give your lights a longer life - regularly go to the dentist

    The consequences of having few teeth in the mouth are bl.a.:

    • Reduced tyggeevne
    • Læspen
    • Problems with convergence in the lower third of the face, allowing you to look significantly older than you are.
    • Extra wear on the remaining teeth. The fewer teeth you have left, the more work there is for the remaining teeth.
    • It doesn't look nice

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