pain/inflammation after tooth extraction

19. september 2011  
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I hope you can help me to an explanation of the following:

I have a plastfyldning in the right undermund(molar) multiple times is built up because of the tooth was well worn and not much left.
but so it happens that breaks something again and goes enough with it for long, for I suddenly get pain in the tooth and the pulling up of the neck and the ear.
going to the dentist, where there is a røgten image that does not show inflammation, and the hole will be made again with the plastic,which is quite a big tooth.
after 2 days it is absolutely crazy with the pain..get penicillin a Tuesday and Friday I must again to the dentist... where it is either root canal treatment or tooth extraction...I choose the latter due to the worn tooth m.m
the dentist will get the tooth out the whole look so a hole in the middle of the tooth, which he says goes down to the nerve
there is then inflammation in the roots and the jaw ?? and would a root canal been better??or what will it say???

however, despite the I still get some terrible pain and may soon not be in some places, eating a lot of pain every day.
is fat under the jaw and feel like the glands are swollen and the nasty pains running up along the halssiden to the ear and at the back of the head and the temple.
come again to the dentist and he looks after if there is koagler of the blood of the tooth, but it's not there...but talk about a ensym and the bones ...didn't understand this that the bone pieces to fix?? got put gauze with clove oil down...did not think it takes the pain enough??? and he spoke about maybe having to every day??
he explained that there would grow some of the bone before would the pain not keep up...
but can you explain me a little more about it last??? went so fast so I could not follow completely with this..
thought you just went to the dentist and got a tooth out, and then it was over ;-( never had such problems before??

is it because I have gone too long with the hole or the tooth's wear and tear?? (I am 55 years old)

forgot just the dentist said that approximately 1 out of 10 got those genes??

mvh Mia
looking forward to your reply 😉


Dear Mia

You call it “dry alveole” or “alveolitis sicca dolorosa” which is it that gives you so many genes now. It very rarely happens. When pulling a tooth out, is there a blodkoagle where the tooth sat. Here grows with time, the blood vessels in and subsequently is completely filled up with bone and mucous membrane again. It rarely happens that it to this blodkoagel lost. When this happens, the bone bar, and this gives so many pain because to out through the bone sitting there a lot of nerve endings that are very sensitive. The dentist can remedy these pains by adding eugenol down in this empty alveole (here where the tooth has been). Forålet with this is to “burn” the nerve endings over, which relieves the symptoms slightly. It also helps to rinse well in the alveoli. Your symptoms should be subsiding and you can get the prescription of some stronger painkillers that your dentist.

Good recovery.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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