What do I claim on the ifm. with a bad bridge?

12. august 2010  
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For two and a half years ago I had replaced a 4-membered bridge in the middle of the mouth. Shortly after, it turned out that the outermost tooth to the left had a crack in the porcelain on the cross in the middle of the tooth. The dentist now has two times reparet the crack with a plastfyldning. I have asked if there is an insurance policy that covers something and he says yes, but there is not really anything in the matter, I am pleased with my dentist and he hasn't even made the bridge. I have also asked him whether he had turned to those who have made the bridge, but that he had forgotten.

I would now like to know, what have I really claim in this context, and how should I behave.

In addition to that it is annoying to have made repairs, then you can also see it, and there is no natural teeth that are chipped, cracked and repaired across.

I would also like to keep the bridge so far, but must see in the eyes, that you cannot get by grinding on a thin porcelænstand, each time it needs to be repaired, then the bridge holds so not as long as otherwise.

Help me please with a reply, so I know how I should behave, before I talk with my dentist again. I'm a little tired of his stalling the answer.



Dear Helene,

It is impossible for me to say anything about the warranty terms of the supplier your dentist have used. I think you should urgently find a solution with your own dentist. It does not prove to be possible to find a solution with your dentist, you always have the option to complain about your dentist or the treatment you have received.

You can read more about how to complain about a dentist or treatment here

Pr. 1. January 2011 will enter a new complaints system will be established in the force. But it deals primarily with the public employees dentists and not private practice dentists, who will continue with the old complaints system.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

Dentist Joan Olsen


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