Bad breath is often constipation

25. september 2009  
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Recent Danish research shows that the explanation of bad breath, often to be found further down than in the oral cavity. The culprit may be constipation, which is the case in up to every fourth patient complaining of bad breath. The solution is usually a healthier lifestyle.

Senior physician at the Surgical Department at Hillerød Hospital Tarmlaboratorium in Elsinore, dr.with. Dennis Raahave estimates that 5-10 % of all danes suffer from chronic constipation, while approx. 20 % of them also have bad breath due to the accumulation of digested food. He experiences most often it is the patients ' spouses, who must go to confession and tell the patient that he or she has bad breath. But it comes often as a surprise to both parties, there is a connection between intestinal problems and bad breath, as most people associate the symptoms with the oral cavity or the stomach.

Western lifestyle will get the blame
When many danes suffer from constipation, this is because according to Dennis Raahave very much our western lifestyle, with sedentary work, wrong eating habits and our perverse relationship to the restroom. If the patients with hidden or chronic constipation needs to be the bad breath rid, it requires that they get a well-functioning bowel. In the quest for good breath helps exercise, high fiber and low fat diet, and intake of fluid each hour.

Tarmspecialist instead of the Dentist
Dentists who can't find the explanation for the bad breath in the oral cavity of their patients, are advised to ask whether the patient has digestive problems, stomach ache or feel bloated, uncomfortable, tired and lethargic. If the patient can recognize some of these symptoms, should he or she be examined by a tarmspecialist.

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