You can complain about a teeth whitening?

30. march 2010  
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I have been to the dentist and have made a “teeth whitening”. Since the dentist had done it all ready and had put the light on he said that I just needed to say to if it started to hurt. After approx. 5 min with the lights on it starts to do really hurt my teeth and it freezes. Since the dentist was just slipped to the other patients and had closed the door, I could lie and cry as much as I would without the help. (as much as one can be with such a thing in the mouth). Then when there finally comes a they find out that the plastic thing that they had put in my mouth was not connected properly so gelén had come out of my lips which did rather hurt. They were going to have to remove everything and stop the bleaching. Now my teeth clearly spotted and I still have pain (aching) and I'm very sorry. I do not think that I have received a fair treatment – in addition, my teeth terrible.

What should I do – can I make a complaint?



Dear user,

You can always complain about a dental treatment and/or dentist.

You can read more about it to complain about a dentist or treatment here: Complaint about dental treatment or dentist

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