Allerød municipality's dentistry

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    Allerød Municipality's Dentistry
    Cafes 1 A
    3450 Allerød
    Tel. 48 17 36 85

    On dentistry:

    In dentistry, we create a safe environment for your child, so it is positive to come with us.

    We have extensive experience and training in børnetandpleje and dealings with children and young people.

    We are committed to support and advise you about tandplejevaner, which can preserve teeth healthy throughout life.

    We follow tandskiftet and kæbernes growth, any orthodontic treatment can be carried out at the time that is best for your child.

    We take into account the individual's needs, planning surveys, preventive activities and treatment needed.

    We put emphasis on collaboration with the home – even when the children themselves come to the clinic.

    Copenhagen municipal dental care

    Municipal clinics:

    Blovstrød School dental clinic
    Kærvej 10, Blovstrød
    3450 Allerød
    Tel. 48 17 11 30

    Engholmskolens dental clinic
    Rådhusvej 5
    3450 Allerød
    Tel. 48 17 56 10

    Lillerød School dental clinic
    Frederiksborgvej 65
    3450 Allerød
    Tel. 48 17 21 61

    Lynge School dental clinic
    At The Village Pond 15
    3540 Lynge
    Tel. 48 18 80 19

    Ravnsholtskolens dental clinic
    Søparken 1
    3450 Allerød
    Tel. 48 17 52 01

    Skovvangskolens dental clinic
    Cafes 1 A
    3450 Allerød
    Tel. 48 17 36 85

    Rådhusvej 5
    3450 Allerød
    Tel. 48 17 49 88

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