The dentist works so uncomprehending facing my pain

20. august 2009  
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I think, actually, that my pain threshold is ok high – has given birth to 3 children without anesthesia and made a part of the dentist in the last few months. also without anesthetic

But av av av I have such a toothache and have had it for almost a week and a half now Trying to say to myself that it's just nonsense and now I must take me along, but it makes just as evil

I got a month and a half ago drilled two deep holes out and made a pulpaoverkapning (ie. she was trying to get the nerves to pull himself together).

In Wednesday's bored she had them so completely out – the nerves had not withdrawn as was hoped – but it all looked fine and sealed, she had them. She could not give any guarantee that it would succeed, and that in the long term could end up with a root canal – but she was VERY optimistic.

But since then I've just had an evil evil evil I was down there on Friday again and she gave me some penicillin and so she believed that she otherwise, just that it had to have something calm It all looked fine and it does not hurt when she turns on the teeth – it would apparently do, if the nerve has been damaged.

However, she tried to paint one of the teeth, since my root was very devoid

I will also say, it's been a bit better – but not violent much.

The first few days I took 2 * 600 mg. ibumetin – however, the dentist felt that if there was something wrong, had I had no need for painkillers 4 times a day.

Now settle I to take one in the morning – but it has still hurt in the evening, however, may well fall asleep for the

If I don't take the pills, ie. when I wake up in the morning ranging in the tooth and I can'T drink/eat anything cold at all – it hunts SO much in it, so the tears are rolling And even though I take one pill in the morning, “forget”, unfortunately, I to drink during the day and is so afraid of the pain (think sku I end up with to lose me here)

Feel so pylret, the dentist works so uncomprehendingly (is really really sweet, so that is not the way) to the pain

Be down there tomorrow again – but it is to get a second hole




Dear Henriette

Can well understand that you are frustrated. You must make reservations for my answer, because it is a little difficult to comment on such a specific question.

The tooth must rodbehandles. When the dentist banks on the tooth, checking she on the inflammation is out in the bone. And as your symptoms are, so do I assess that it is only a matter of time. When the tooth is so hypersensitiv, the nerve has already been damaged. It is not intended that you should have hurt, but as I said, it is a little difficult to give a definite answer when I haven't seen the x-ray image or the tooth.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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