The elderly do not use omsorgstandplejen

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    While older citizens in some of the country's municipalities do not get offers on the statutory omsorgstandpleje, sorry for the other municipalities over the lack of commitment to the scheme.

    Instead of spending time in transport and waiting time at the dentist, the elderly and the disabled, in many cases, receive both studies, forebyggele of the damage and treatment of teeth and dentures sitting at home in their own armchair, if they make use of the offer of omsorgstandpleje.

    For about 400 kr. on the year, the citizens who are eligible for the offer, receive preventive and therapeutic dental care in comfortable surroundings at home. Omsorgstandplejen is an offer for all citizens, if the self-help capacity is limited, so that they can genuinely be equated with nursing home residents, and thereby it has difficulty getting to a dentist. And in the follow dentist Birgit Krabsen from Aalborg and the Municipality of dentistry, had the scheme for dental care at home also be a good help to the staff in the ældrecentrene in the country's municipalities, which could avoid to spend time and effort to follow the residents to private dentists to receive the necessary dental care.

    However, it is not the idea that a wider group of frail elderly or disabled people who can be treated on ordinary disability-friendly clinics must be covered by omsorgstandplejetilbudet. The majority of the omsorgstandplejens group of people already live in ældrebolig / nursing homes and also receive old-age pension.

    The originally defined target group for omsorgstandplejen, was defined as persons who live in nursing homes and persons living in their own home / ældrebolig or similar with many remedial measures, and if self-care is so limited that they really can be equated with nursing home residents.

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    Only half avail themselves of the offer
    In Aalborg, there are apparently many who do not know to the system of omsorgstandpleje. Barely 900 citizens availing themselves of the offer of omsorgstandpleje, so that they can get help to care for their teeth and dentures in the home. But in the city of Aalborg is believed that around twice as many elderly and disabled citizens are eligible for the offer of omsorgstandpleje in the home, and now the municipality will try to get caregivers to be better to inform about the scheme.

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