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2. October 2009  
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Many danes choose to go to a dentist abroad, with the expectation that the total cost of the treatment will be less than if the treatment was made in Denmark. If you are thinking about getting carried out dental treatment abroad, you should pay special attention on a number of factors before you pack your suitcase.

We will in this guide try to illuminate some of these conditions, which you should be particularly aware of before you decide to find dentists abroad.

3 percent of danes looking for dental treatment abroad
According to a consumer report from 2005, made by the national Consumer agency, travel approx. 3 percent of danes abroad for dental treatment. The reason for danes looking for a dentist abroad is usually an expectation that save money on dental treatment.

Subsidies for treatment abroad
In Denmark know the majority of grant on the bill from the dentist. The Public Health care provides grants for a wide range of treatments from dentists in Denmark. The grant will be automatically deducted from your bill at the dentist, before you pay.

This grant from the government, you can in most cases deal with, for treatment at a publicly licensed dentist abroad. The method is, however, a second, and the public contribution will not be deducted automatically. You must first pay the full amount for treatment abroad, and then, you must make sure to search your municipality to get the amount of the grant for the treatment abroad will be refunded.

See what treatments there are subsidies to

After finishing the dental treatment abroad, you must make sure to get a detailed bill from tandklinikken, so that you can accurately document what you've got carried out the treatment abroad. It can be a good idea to contact the municipality before you take place to get more information on what documentation your district requires in order to pay the subsidy after the completion of treatment abroad.

Risks of dental treatment abroad
It is impossible to say something general about the quality of dental treatment abroad in relation to the treatments in Denmark. But it is so also does not mean that there are no risks associated with dental treatment abroad.

The first thing you should be aware of before you seek dental treatment abroad, is that you are not covered by the the Danish complaints systemand you also can not get compensation from the Danish patientforsikring.
If you choose to have dental treatment abroad, do you belong instead under the rules that apply in the country in question. Here you must especially be aware that klagereglerne and the possibilities of compensation can vary widely from country to country. In some places you could be without coverage if you are a model or get awarded some damages in connection with a treatment abroad, or if you simply are dissatisfied with the quality of the dental treatment in that country.

You should also be aware that something as basic as language difficulties can be a risk in itself. The possibilities for follow-up treatments and the control, are also factors you should consider and investigate before you decide to get teeth abroad. In some cases there is a need for adjustments or further treatments, thus requiring extra travel abroad.

Some Danish dentists offers to make a follow-up treatment and control of dental treatments performed abroad. But the Danish tandlægeforening recommend, that you should always stick with the same dentist, if you need a greater treatment or multiple treatments over a longer period of time.

As a general rule, you will be well received by a Danish dentist, after completion of treatment abroad. But you must also be prepared, to the Danish dentist refuses to repair the damage, which may have come in connection with the treatment abroad.

If it goes wrong with the dental treatment abroad
All people can make mistakes. And it also applies, of course for both Danish and foreign dentists. But you will be a model of a dentist in Denmark, you are covered by the Danish the complaints system. And you also can not get compensation from the Danish patientforsikringfor fejlbehandlinger abroad. You simply have no opportunity to complain in Denmark over a foreign dentist, or a dental treatment you received abroad. Instead, you need to complaint in the country where the dental treatment is going on, if there is a complaints system in that country.

There can be a large difference in the remedies provided from country to country, if you need to complain about a dentist. But if you want to complain about a dentist within the EU, Norway or Iceland, you can contact The European Consumerthat is the Danish branch of a network of european forbrugerkontorer. The European consumer can help you to find out if it will be possible to complain about treatment in the country in question, and if so, how you do it.

Consumer Europe website worth a visit before you decide to seek a dentist abroad.

After completing the visits to the dentist abroad
In Denmark you can freely choose which dentist you want to treat your teeth (Fritvalgsordningen). And it also applies, of course, after you have been with a dentist abroad.

Tandlægeforeningen in Denmark recommend that if you need a major dental treatment or multiple treatments over a longer period of time, to keep the same dentist. Thus, one can best achieve optimal results, since the same dentist can constantly monitor the developments and continuously make necessary adjustments if it is necessary. You can always plan the treatment with your dentist, so that it ensures your dental health, while at the same time it also suits your finances.

As a general rule, you will always be taken good care by a dentist in Denmark, regardless of whether you have got carried out comprehensive dental treatment abroad. But in the case of damage occurring after treatment, or poorly done tandlægearbejde abroad you must be prepared that you can be rejected by the Danish dentist, and be asked to take back to the dentist abroad to get repaired the damage or made adjustments. The dentist in Denmark is in its right – unless you have pain and urgent need for treatment – to refer you back to the dentist abroad.

You must also be prepared that the dentist in Denmark will carry out the necessary steps to ensure that documentation for possible defects and damage is done, before you start treatment with him or her. It may, for example. be a letter on your tandstatus, which you must sign, or x-rays. The reason is that the dentist thus ensuring themselves against being held responsible for the faulty work done by the dentist abroad. You must also expect that the dentist would charge for the collection of the documentation, which the dentist is within his rights to.

Useful information before you choose a dentist
The price is usually one of the main reasons for danes seeking a foreign dentist when it comes to major dental procedures. But before you choose a dentist, you should among other things consider the fact that consistency in the treatment, complaints and redress systems as well as communication with tandplejepersonalet at the clinic.

If you want to use a dentist abroad, you should pre-examine the klageforholdene thoroughly. It is recommended that you contact the European Consumer, before you decide to travel abroad.

The European Consumer
Tel. 32 66 90 00

You can search for dentists in several of the european tandlægeforeningers websites. However you must be aware that there can be no guarantee of the quality of the individual dentists. You can find more information about the various tandlægeforeninger at the FDI World Dental Federation website.

For more information on funding possibilities by treatment abroad, you can contact your municipality or the ministry of the Interior and the ministry of Health.

You will also find useful information about the complaints system, and the possibility of compensation in the Danish Forbrugerstyrelses website.

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