Dentists want greater fee for no-shows

  • 10. april 2010 (News)  

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    Some of the dentist's rates are established in the so-called tandlægeoverenskomster, to be concluded between the Tandlægeforeningen and the Danish Regions. As the negotiations between Tandlægeforeningen and Danish Regions began in February 2010, it was bl.a. with a desire from the Tandlægeforeningens page to discuss a higher udeblivelseshonorar at the agreed major treatments.

    Today is the fee for no-show set for 229 kr., regardless of the scope of the agreed treatment. It considers Tandlægeforeningens negotiator, Bear Haulrig, is not reasonable.

    “Udeblivelseshonoraret is perhaps reasonable in relation to the fees charged for a study, but it stands in stark contrast to the cost of a lack of earnings, if h occurs in the context of a larger planned treatment such as a root canal or a larger pa-treatment,” says Bjørn Haulrig to Tandlægebladet and continues:

    “Even worse, it seems, if there is planned a large operation, where there is reserved yet more time. In addition to this, the ambience sterile is wasted – a spot, that is both time-consuming and costly,” emphasizes Bear Haulrig.

    How much the maximum cost for the patients by the absence of major planned treatments have Tandlægeforeningen not yet settled on, since the scheme could also be combined in other ways, than the current model, e.g. to be dependent on the reserved time.

    Although the collective bargaining with Tandlægeforeningen and Danish Regions started in February, negotiations will in all probability continue for the rest of the year. And by then, there will certainly be no change in the fee for no-show on the agreed treatments.

    Read more in Tandlægebladet no. 3 2010 or on the

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