The elderly do not know to hjemmetandpleje scheme

18. december 2009  
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Hjemmetandplejen is on offer to older people and difficult people with limited mobility, who find it difficult even to give dentistry a visit. However, several hundred elderly in the municipality of Aalborg, miss out on the offer of dental care in the home, because they do not know to the scheme, writes tv2/nord.

Equipped with a small tandlægekuffert can dentist resolve most tasks in the home, which protects the elderly and severely disabled patients for a troublesome trip out of the home. But according to Aalborg Municipality's dentistry, there are a few that make use of the possibility to get the dentist to give your teeth a check out in their own home.

“We suspect that we could have almost twice as many users in the system, if any, as is justified, took the offer,” says dentist Birgit Krabsen from dental care in Aalborg municipality.

Care centers can also avail of the scheme, so that staff at the plejecentrene can concentrate on providing care and support, instead of having to set aside time to accompany the residents one by one to the dentist.