Younger dentists are not scared of the province

8. June 2009  
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When the newly qualified dentists will be finished at the studio in either Copenhagen or Aarhus, are not afraid to seek jobs in the province. New figures from the Tandlægeforeningen shows that younger dentists graduated after 1990 are evenly distributed over the entire country, when it comes to private practice. It writes Tandlægebladet.

Seen in relation to the total number of dentists in private practice dentists trained in the period 1990-2005, approx. 29 per cent. Distributed in the regions of northern Jutland is the smallest share at 23 per cent. at between 29 and 31 per cent. in the other regions.

When the younger dentists choose job, player challenges, co-workers and working hours play a significant role. The geographical location of the workplace is less significant. It tells three randomly surveyed dentists to Tandlægebladet.

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