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19. september 2011  
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After the prior root canal was jan 17 2011 mounted a crown on my molar. ( price kr. 5119 ). At the Dental inspection on 24 august 2011, there was found inflammation of the tandroden and bone loss in the leg. The tooth was removed the 30. august ( price kr. 1000). The price for the installation of a bridge will be on the kr. 14000. It is the same clinic who performed the kronebehandlingen and extraction of the tooth. There is just the problem, that the clinic has changed ownership the 1. may 2011. Follows the warranty on the work performed with from owner to owner. Or you can just wash your hands and pass. How and who to complain to. Is there the possibility of damages.

With kind regards


Dear Bente

I must be you answer guilty. But I don't mean to 14.000 dollars is unreasonable for a bridge. Try to talk but your new dentist if you have the opportunity to get any reduction in price due to the. the problems you have had in the same region.

Usually there is no warranty on dental treatment.

Your new dentist should be able to inform you of your rights, which you can also read more about it here: Patientombuddet

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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