Better oral hygiene can save respiratorpatienters life

  • 10. april 2010 (News)  

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    One of the most frequent complications in patients in hospital intensive care units are pneumonia. Lungeinfektion in connection with respiratory therapy affects not only older people, but weakened patients of all ages. In a large american study, recently published in the American Journal of Critical Care, researchers examined the effect of performing extended oral hygiene with a bl.a. suction, cleaning and brushing two times a day on respiratory therapy.

    In many cases, it is in fact bacteria from the oral cavity which are the cause of the complications and thorough oral hygiene can according to the study, reduce the risk of lungebetændelsen and the resulting costs, writes Tandlægebladet.

    Read more in Tandlægebladet no. 4 2010 or on the

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