Fewer side effects of teeth whitening at home

  • 21. april 2010 (News)  

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    A new study shows that about half of the patients that are getting bleached teeth, are experiencing side effects bl.a. in the form of aching in the teeth and irritated gums. In the study followed 171 people through an tandblegningsprocedure and in a follow-up of 9-10 months. Approx. half of the subjects received side effects of tooth whitening, and of them had 3 % of the hjemmeblegede patients long-lasting aching, while 7 % of the klinikblegede had long-lasting aching, writes Tandlægebladet.
    The study was carried out in collaboration between NIOM, The dental faculty in Oslo, The Faculty of Health sciences in Copenhagen and the Institution of odontology in Gothenburg.

    Read more in Tandlægebladet no. 5 2010 or on the www.tandlaegebladet.dk

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