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19. september 2011  
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My grandson 5 years old has a few holes in the teeth, but may not like to get the mask on so he can get nitrous oxide. He sits nicely up in the chair but when the mask is approaching he becomes very upset. Why can't they give him something soothing before he must have the mask on ?? I have heard other dentists do. Dentists talk about hypnosis ??? What can you do so the boy no get total fear of dentists. ??


Dear Susanne

There are many options to treat a child who is afraid. There are also several opportunities to give the child something calming before dental treatment. The cases are completely impossible to treat in the dentist's chair, can be referred to dental treatment in general anesthesia, but there is a lot to for this to happen. I think you should take a talk with the dentists who treat your grandchild to hear what options they have and why they possibly. do not make use of them.

Hope you can use my answer.

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