It is not the dentist's responsibility?

2. may 2012  
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Got the 5/10 -2011 put a crown on a broken molar in the mouth, without rodbh. Now 2 months after I have hurt and can't chew, eat or drink cold/hot.
Been at the dentist that has taken the rgt, nothing to see, nor inflammation, but was a precaution set in vipicombin bh 600mg. This has not helped. My question is now, should the dentist does not have rodbh from the start??
It is not the dentist's responsibility to get the tooth rodbh, without more cost to the undersigned???


Dear Irene,

It is impossible to predict how your tooth will respond to kronebehandling. Usually they say that every 10 tooth that gets a crown on must rodbehandles subsequent. So it is not normal practice to rodbehandle teeth before you put the crown on. It is something else if you have had symptoms within kronebehandlingen to you possibly. do it within.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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