The elderly do not get the dental care they need

  • 25. march 2009 (News)  

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    A study of Older Case has made shows that tandløshed is one of the non-life-threatening diseases, as the older citizens fear the most.

    It will surely come as no surprise to anyone that the senior citizens also want to have healthy teeth. They have a desire to be able to chew their food. They will be free of toothache. And that they have a desire to be able to smile to the outside world without being ashamed of the teeth.

    In Denmark, the municipal omsorgstandpleje to ensure dental care for the elderly, who do not have the option to use the common voksentandpleje. According to the Danish Health and medicines authority receives 30-35.000 citizens omsorgstandpleje.

    Big differences from municipality to municipality

    Susanne Andersen, Formand for Tandlægeforeningen

    Susanne Andersen, President of the Tandlægeforeningen

    According to Kristeligt Dagblad has Tandlægeforeningen taken up the matter, and have searched for the so-called scheme to a project, to ensure consistent offer of omsorgstandpleje across the country. The reason is that there are very large differences in the ability to get omsorgstandpleje from municipality to municipality. Susanne Andersen, president of the Tandlægeforeningen, says that senior citizens should be able to trust that they are being offered omsorgstandpleje, if they fall under the criteria laid down in the legislation.

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