Children in Kalundborg, denmark has more holes than the average

  • 14. september 2009 (News)  

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    A lokalsamarbejdsudvalg within the municipal dental care warns against a money-saving lifestyle, which puts up to the children first must be summoned to the dental examination at two years of age, instead of as now by a year of age.

    Every seventh child lives in a socially deprived home
    Lokalsamarbejdsudvalget states that every seventh child in the Kalundborg municipality comes from a socially deprived home, and that this can be read on the cariestallene, writes Nordvestnyt. Staff in municipal dental care in Perth to find more holes in the teeth of local children and young people than the average in the region.

    Prevention is the way forward
    The committee points out that the latest research shows that prevention is the way forward and the sooner the better. And that it is especially important with an early effort, when there are children from socially deprived home. The works council considers that the adverse developments with the children's dental health will be enhanced, if tandsynet postponed by a year.

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    1 comment to the article “Children in Kalundborg, denmark has more holes than the average”
    1. Signe says:

      In essence, it's not about social disadvantaged children, it is about the municipal dentistry in Kalundborg are not prepared to disclose a proper and reasonable treatment of small young people which should have examined their mouth. Now, if it was an experience of patience, the profits and tolerance the small was met with so could it be that it is so different and so it is NOT about social disadvantaged children the snare of dentists and their professionalism.

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