A dry mouth provides poorer quality of life

  • 16. april 2010 (News)  

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    Pronounced dry mouth can lead to a significantly impaired quality of life. Dry mouth can occur after cancer treatment, as side effects to the medicine as well as by certain diseases. Patients with severe dry mouth often find that the natural teeth are attacked by an aggressive form of caries, which can cause the teeth to crumble away. For the individual, the situation is deteriorating further by the use of ordinary dentures is an impossibility due. very delicate mucous membranes. Three dentists, each with its specialty focus on dry mouth at Tandlægeforeningens year course 2010

    Medicated patients, patients who have been in the chemo - or radiotherapy as well as patients with Sjøgrens syndrome often suffer from pronounced dry mouth. It can be argued that they suddenly develop dental caries in so fast a pace that it can be difficult for the dentist and for the patient to follow. For the patient, the result is often not only a substantial deterioration of his or her quality of life, but also great tandlægeregninger. It is extremely important that the patient and the surroundings is aware of the fact that both during and after the difficult time with chemo - or radiotherapy is needed for a particular prevention effort, says overtandlæge, ph.d. Ole Hovgaard.

    He stresses the importance of the patient maintaining an optimal oral hygiene and are aware of the choice of diet. Several devices can be put to use. Bl.a. it is recommended to use a prescription toothpaste with extra fluoride content. Finally, is it a good idea to arrange more frequent checks at the dentist, because early treatment is crucial for a good result.

    The demanding treatment can simultaneously be a financial burden for the patient, but in fact there is the possibility of grants for the Danish health act. It is, however, not everyone is aware of the possibility, says overtandlæge Ole Hovgaard, who daily manage the grant scheme in the Region of Midtjylland.

    We see, unfortunately, many patients who only many years after their cancer treatment becomes aware that there exists a subsidy scheme, which both deals with the study, prevention and treatment. Late intervention impair the ability to prevent major damage. Here dentists a commitment to provide better advice and guidance, mean Ole Hovgaard.

    He, along with professor Flemming Isidor and dentist Allan Bardow focus on the complications of dry mouth and the possibility of grants in the Tandlægeforeningens year course, which will be held in the Bella Center in Copenhagen on 15.-17. april 2010. Year course is Denmark's largest kursusarrangement in the field of dentistry and have for years gathered over 3000 dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and others with an interest in dental health.

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    1 comment to the article “Dry mouth provides poorer quality of life”
    1. nancy says:

      are there any places you can get help for this???
      I got in 2005 made a bridge in undermunden, but already, after 6 months I began to have problems with the in addition to any of my fillings in other teeth fell out.
      I took contact to the dentist and got the fixed bridge, but has never functioned optimally ago and 3 years ago I could not use the more then the teeth it sat on crumbled away..
      I have made holes/Karries several times after, but not done a bridge since it is expensive, and now I have only the 8 front teeth in undermunden and 10 in the mouth, with some big holes and started to crumble away.

      I've got a part nerve medicine because I have some nerves seated in the clamp in the foot, but never thought it could lead to the destruction of my teeth... and have reached the point where it is liquid diet or soft food as it hurts so much to eat with the gums, or coming food down to the nerves in the teeth which are devoid.
      So hope I can get a little guidance

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