Can the state/municipality to cover my tandlægeregning?


Since I have many sølvfyldninger and just for 5 min.ago has cracked yet another tooth I could like to hear about the dentist know about the state/municipality will cover my tandlægeregnig when I am about to be tired of that should have changed the teeth out with someone in the plastic.Have not had a gap in my teeth since I left primary school for a number of years ago and at the time only go to the dentist without having holes and be drilled and have filled the silver in my teeth.Have a hard time believing I can be the only one with this problem.This is just a polite inquiry.



Dear Susanne

I can well understand why you are frustrated. But the teeth wear out too with age, and it is quite normal that they break with time, especially when they have been drilled in before. The cause may be dental caries or infraktion in the tooth.

You can seek local authority about grants for dental care. So you must together with your dentist create a treatment plan that says what treatments are necessary and how much they cost. This must be included when you apply for grants. It is individually where/ or if we get some money for treatment, and this is taken into account what income you have.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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