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Com bill not too fast?

Question: hi dentists, I have been tasked by my parents to find out a long time from the bill comes to paying, the episode was following my papfar had to be to the dentist, and the used 3000,- with a treatment that was not completely finished, so you could say it was a mellembetaling, for the first part. here the other day got... [See questions and answers]

Double bill for root canal treatment

Question: I was to the dentist on Thursday and Friday and got rodbehandlet the same tooth at the same tandlægehus. On Friday I got apparently cleaned out more than a day in advance. Have had severe pain in the tooth.. So therefore they chose apparently to give me the root canal treatment again.Have been told it costs 3-4000 to be rodbehandlet. They cleaned... [See questions and answers]

Grants for a ceramic hanger

Question: Hello Dentist! I am a young guy of 17 years who is going to get fixed my smile and my jaws. Right now I'm sitting with a sign palate with ganebøjle as expanding my upper jaw. Then I must have put rail, and fixed my teeth. Since I am still under 18, this is all paid for by the municipality. Now I'm sitting so... [See questions and answers]

afdragsordning with my tandlaege

Question: Hi.. I am a woman of 22 years, some teeth are not the nicest to more.. I have a large gap between my front teeth and old veneers on my front teeth, which then need to be replaced.. but I was wondering if it possible to get a afdragsordning with his dentist when it is that you are registered in RKI ?? Answer: Dear Daniella It... [See questions and answers]

Funding rules by moving from municipal to private dentist

Question: I have long considered moving our children (11+13 years) to a private dentist, because I think that goes too long between visits (over 1 year) and if a problem occurs, it is almost impossible to get a time Now skoletandplejen made a new structure, so that the children are only going to study every 15-16 months. I think it... [See questions and answers]

The state grants to tandlægeregninger reduced

Question: Question from Harald The state grants to tandlægeregninger been reduced in the last 25 years? Answer: Dear Harald, It was a very interesting question. Sygesikringens grants for dental care varies and is, on average, 30 % of the price, which is deducted from the patient's expense. But there are many factors that come into play... [See questions and answers]

Afdragsordning on major treatments

Question: hi.. I have several teeth that are half..and thinking of getting protesser..since the ik can pay anything is quite expensive an, I want to hear whether you can pay several times the electricity may retire protesser.. m.v.h bibbi.. Answer: Dear Bibbi, Most dentists offer installments, so that you get split the payment... [See questions and answers]

Can the state/municipality to cover my tandlægeregning?

Question: Since I have many sølvfyldninger and just for 5 min.ago has cracked yet another tooth I could like to hear about the dentist know about the state/municipality will cover my tandlægeregnig when I am about to be tired of that should have changed the teeth out with someone in the plastic.Have not had a gap in my teeth since I left primary school... [See questions and answers]