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Question: Hello! I am a girl of 30 years who have overbid. I got nakketræk when I was in primary school, but was not good to use it and therefore stopped the treatment which I regret today. I would like to have fixed my front teeth. They stick too much out. But unfortunately I'm not interested in getting the railway tracks, but would very much like to have... [See questions and answers]

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Can I get the dentist to remove a crooked tooth?

Question: Hey I have a crooked tooth which I have had since I was little, would like me to remove it and put a plastic tooth instead! who will do the operation? Georg Answer: Dear Georg, I find it hard to believe that you can get a dentist to remove a tooth there is no error, besides that it is skewed. There are other alternatives,... [See questions and answers]

You can dress up the dark tooth necks?

Question: Dear Dentist I have been successful membranoperationer on 2 teeth. I am very careful to keep my teeth clean, and paradentosen is also in abeyance, but unfortunately tandhalsene on the mentioned teeth has become really ugly. They look quite dark in the interval and I can feel that the dental neck is very rough. You can... [See questions and answers]

Are the teeth more susceptible to misfarning after a bleaching?

Question: Hi, I'm considering getting bleached my teeth (Beyond the teeth) by a dentist. It can be harmful for the enamel? are the teeth more susceptible to misfarning of coffee, tea, red wine etc...? and is it something you would advise against? Vh. Peter (42 years) Answer: Dear Peter, You can easily whiten your teeth. You need to know... [See questions and answers]

Afraid to lose my teeth when the temporary crown must of

Question: Loved Ones Dentist. I have 2 months ago got crowns on front teeth for cosmetic reasons. These are according to the dentist temporarily fixed, as I had to get used to them first. The one is lopsided and goes 3mm out over the other. This should now be made, and we have agreed to do both to fully ceramic crowns instead... [See questions and answers]

You can complain about a teeth whitening?

Question: I have been to the dentist and have made a “teeth whitening”. Since the dentist had done it all ready and had put the light on he said that I just needed to say to if it started to hurt. After approx. 5 min with the lights on it starts to do really hurt my teeth and it freezes. Since the dentist was just outta... [See questions and answers]

Can you remove a temporary crown?

Question: dear Dentist I have made crowns for my front teeth for cosmetic reasons. Since the one unfortunately is skewed and is 3 mm longer than the other, I must have made them. When I got them fitted for approx. 5 weeks ago, we agreed that they were cemented temporarily, so I could get used to them, and the only correct... [See questions and answers]

Can I have reduced the size of my front teeth?

Question: Hey � I have had a big problem with my self-confidence since I lost my baby teeth, I got some rather large incisors which I have had in long to wait now and it really wrecks one's self-confidence. Was wondering if it was possible anywhere to get nedslæbning or cutting to teeth?, I'm 18 talking about 0.5 mm – 1cm of. Anonymous Answer: Dear... [See questions and answers]

Complaint about teeth whitening

Question: Hello I have a couple of days ago got my top 6 front teeth bleached at my dentist. My one incisor is a slightly darker than the other, when it in order to use my dentist's words, is “the sand” after a blow from mælketanden blurted out when I was about. 3 years old. During the whitening was the first for themselves, with a product... [See questions and answers]

Yellow teeth with age

Question: I am a man of 43 years old, and is the last few years, started to get yellow teeth. I don't smoke and drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day. My wife has recommended me to buy a tandblegningssæt for 499 crowns. But I do not feel comfortable with the process myself. What do you recommend I should do to get whiter teeth? Answer: Dear Peder It... [See questions and answers]

Damage teeth whitening the enamel and what is the cost of a teeth whitening?

Question: Is it possible to get done the teeth a few shades whiter without damaging the enamel? And is it a treatment offered by dentists, and what is the cost of such a treatment? With kind regards, Marie Answer: Dear Marie You can whiten your teeth a few times without damage to the enamel. However, it is best to get whitened teeth in a... [See questions and answers]

I'm considering to switch sølvfyldningerne out with the plastic

Question: I have a number of older sølvfyldninger as I am considering to switch out with the plastic fillings since I think it looks nicer. The old fillings are not particularly visible but can be seen when I laugh and some of them are quite large. What considerations should I make before I make the investment in a whiter smile? Answer: Dear Anonymous The best... [See questions and answers]