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Where can I find a dentist that can give anesthetic treatment?

Question: Where can I find a dentist that can give anesthesia treatment, as general anaesthesia does not work on me. I live in", by Randers. Can it really be that there might be a three month waiting period? I would like to have made my holes by the year 2010. Christina Answer: Dear Christina, Your own dentist can refer you to a dentist... [See questions and answers]

Funding rules by moving from municipal to private dentist

Question: I have long considered moving our children (11+13 years) to a private dentist, because I think that goes too long between visits (over 1 year) and if a problem occurs, it is almost impossible to get a time Now skoletandplejen made a new structure, so that the children are only going to study every 15-16 months. I think it... [See questions and answers]