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Should I go through a second kæbeoperation?

Question: Dear doctor I am a girl of almost 19 years, and has been under treatment in ca. 3 years now with specialtandlægerne in tooth-,mouth-and the department at Rigshospitalet in copenhagen. Before I was sent to the university hospital, I had an undershot mouth that I inherited from my father, and my teeth were very crooked. My upper was also very narrow. I got to know... [See questions and answers]

Have gone with severe pain in the jaw in a year

Question: Loved Ones I have for a year now, passed with great pain in my left jaw. I had a visdomstand, was moved out of the left overmund because I thought it was the, it was wrong with. But it's like the hole that was supposed to be after the tooth had been moved out, still is swollen and it hurts when I touch it.... [See questions and answers]

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Pain in the jaw once in a while

Question: Hello Dentistry, Since my last visits to the dentist, I have had pain in my jaw once in a while. It was the worst right after my last visits to the dentist. So I had not so big problems in 2-3 months. But now it starts to get worse again. It varies how long that go from. It might take 1 day or 3 weeks, in between I have hurt... [See questions and answers]

Use bideskinne and have pain in the kæbeled

Question: I am 51 years old and is extremely troubled by the pain in my kæbeled, use bite splint at night, but does not help. have undershot and wry bites, there is never any dentist who has spoken on any kind of treatment, what do I do for my dentist turn it over with that there always comes something with age ???? Pat Answer: Dear Pat If... [See questions and answers]