Give the lemon acid injuries to the teeth?

25. march 2010  
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Read just article about acid injuries. I drink approx. 1 liter of tea a day. Half of the aisles pushing I lemon in. It can also in the long run give the acid injuries?
I eat an orange every morning – it would be better for my teeth if I ate the melon or the like? I am 55 years old and has beautiful teeth.
Thank you in advance.



Dear Susanne,

The in itself does not provide acid injuries as it has a neutral PH value. When you put lemon juice in your tea, lowers you PH, which can lead to acid injuries to the teeth. However, the use of this once in a while does not give damage to the teeth. If you eat orange every morning, I would limit it and complement with a neutral fruit, as you yourself are inside, for example. melon. Furthermore, to brush your teeth after you have eaten or drunk something acidic. Ask your dentist if you have acid injuries in your teeth if you are worried.

Hope you can use my answer.

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