Should I opt for root canal treatment?

13. January 2010  
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I am faced with, I think though, a big problem. Go out and travel a half-year on 5 January and since it is christmas ovs, I have not much time to see an. I got in november removed a temporary filling which I had and a half years. Got the temporary filling because I had a big hole where there was a piece of sølvfyldningen that was broken. Have no symptoms had in the half year I had the temporary filling. When I saw in november gets removed it and put plastic I begin to get symptoms. Already inside at the dentist's, I noticed as she polishes the tooth there is a small area that hurts when touched. This area has bothered me a little bit ago. My dentist thinks it is because the filling was too high and therefore sanded the tooth 2 times. After the grinding has it's place, however, been even more tenderly and responded to cold and when I scrunch with a fingernail. Especially when I'm out in the cold winter air I get many pain through the tooth. The days where I have been very out are the extra delicate and may react to hot. There may also be days where I don't think that the tooth is delicate ex the days where I am mainly at home. I think even the case of to the nerve is too close to the filling, and therefore are very delicate. My concern is that I don't know whether I should rodbehandle it? The best would probably be to let the time go, but it is a little difficult since I will soon travel to asia for half a year. Can live with my pain now, but I need to know that the pain does not become worse and that there is no risk of inflammation. Must finally be said that I am 25 years old, have never before been rodbehandlet. What should I do?

Sincerely, Laura


Dear Laura,

It you must let your dentist assess for you whether the tooth should rodbehandles or not. It is a bad sign that the tooth reacts to heat and that you have pain in the. Evidence to suggest that it ends with a root canal. If your dentist determines that it is best to wait and see, it is probably true in your case.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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