Rubs a rodspidsbetændelse?

4. august 2010  
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I have been going around in ca. 1 year with a sore rodbehandlet tooth (5+ left side overmund) with crown.

So since the 1. February 2010 had violent toothache in the 7+ (left side overmund) + jaw. Long rush (no keg), reaction to cold and touch of the tooth and also something smelly from the gums. The tooth has not filling.

At the same time starting 5+ to send something smelly from the gums in the mouth, when I put the tongue up and suck and at the same time.

I have been on the penicillin cure, got scanned my sinuses, but there is nothing to see – neither rodbetændelser.

The pain/the long-lasting rush is, however, slowed since the penicillin cure, but I can not chew with the 5+ and 7+, and it is sore. The gums are bothered and the smell is sour and fishy.

Must, as soon as have a rodresektion of 5+, even though nothing can be seen on x-ray, but my question is: Can the 1 years with a rodspidsbetændelse in the 5+, have spread to rodspidsen of 7+ via a jaw - or kæbehulebetændelse and as a result of rodspidsbetændelse in 5+?



Dear Sofus,

A rodspidsbetændelse “infecting” the not. It remains in the majority of cases, locally.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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