Dental Fair trade fair cancelled

  • 13. september 2011 (News)  

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    There was laid up for the big 25 year anniversary for the Dental Fair trade fair in Vejle. But now the organizers have cancelled the fair due to lack of interest.

    For over 24 years ago struck North-fair, a well-known trade show organizer in Jutland, the doors for the first time up for Dental Fair trade fair, where exhibitors, buyers, students, kursusholdere m.fl. from the dental industry, had the opportunity to greet each other.

    Dental Fair

    Dental Fair 2011 has been cancelled

    The basis for the Dental Fair trade fair in Vejle was based on the lack of interest in the strange visitors from the island of Funen and Jutland to the annual course in Copenhagen, which will be held at the same time with Scandefa fair in the Bella Centre.

    As the big dental depots in recent years has begun to arrange their own courses and exhibitions, at the same time with great savings and cuts in the municipal budgets, is besøgstallene from the dental team fell, and this year the organizer has decided to cancel the Dental Fair trade fair due to lack of signups.

    25. Dental Fair trade fair was otherwise scheduled to be held on 22.-23. september 2011.

    The organizer does not however exclude that in the future there also will be a Dental Fair trade fair.

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