Complications after root canal treatment. Who pays?

7. september 2009  
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I have made a root canal in my tooth, and when this began to crumble, I made a crown instead (in the month of February 2009). Now I have got an infection in the same tooth, which has developed into a large tooth abscess. It has been incredibly painful and has been on the pencilinkur and pain. I have today (d. 7/9-09) has been at the dentist and get told that it is a gum disease. I have now examined Netdoktor, what this is because and that is that the cause of gum disease is to continue hiding dead tissue and thus the bacteria in the rodkanalens nooks. It will then say that the dentist in the dawn of time has not made my root canal well enough. Can it be right that I should pay for a tandrodsbehandling, or closer to the operation??? It is when those who have not done their crafts well enough, which caused my problem today. There must be a form of guarantee. Hope you can answer my question. With friendly greetings f
ra a frustrated Sisse...


Dear Sisse,

There is usually no warranty on dental treatment. Your dentist has probably made his job properly, but there are limits to where we can reach with our instruments. There is one more main canals in the roots according to the tandtype we are talking about. And there are also these small bikanaler where we can't reach with rodfilen. Some times it is so unfortunate that there will be infection in them. The only way to reach them is via this small rodoperation.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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