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Syreskader især udbredt blandt teenagedrenge Acid injuries especially prevalent among teenage boys

Every third 16-year-old boy in the city of Frederiksberg has acid injuries of the teeth, which means the etching of the tooth enamel. Cola, soda and other soft drinks are supposed to be the main reason for syreskaderne – in the specialised language called erosions. The result comes from a study carried out by Frederiksberg Municipality's Dentistry, and presented... [Read more]

Released: 6. august 2009 in the categories News
Din tandlæge kan opdage knogleskørhed Your dentist can detect osteoporosis

With the help of x-rays can dentists help to detect osteoporosis, which particularly affects the elderly and middle-aged women. It writes lecturer, dr.odont. Ib Sewerin in an article in the Tandlægebladet. According to the WHO suffer from ca. 400.000 danes of osteoporosis, also called brittle bones, which reduces the strength in the bones causing frequent fractures.... [Read more]

Released: 25. June 2009 in the categories News
Danskernes tandlægeskræk stresser tandlægerne The Danish dental phobia stress dentists

It is estimated that 10-20 percent of danes are so afraid of the dentist that they completely dropped the regular visits to the dentist. And to ca. 4 out of 10 adult danes suffer from dental phobia to one degree or another. In addition to having major consequences for the individual, they have high rates of dental phobia also major societal consequences. It costs... [Read more]

Released: 12. June 2009 in the categories News
Skole indfører fælles tandbørstning til morgensamlingen School introduces common tooth brushing to the morning assembly

Despite the fact that the students at Frøslev-Padborg Skole is good for brushing the teeth, several of the students comprehensive acid injuries to the teeth. The Municipal Dental care has now put the focus on the problem with the project “Stop acid injuries and holes in the teeth”, and have therefore introduced the common tooth brushing in the entire month of June. Dentures in... [Read more]

Released: 10. June 2009 in the categories News
Yngre tandlæger ikke bange for provinsen Younger dentists are not scared of the province

When the newly qualified dentists will be finished at the studio in either Copenhagen or Aarhus, are not afraid to seek jobs in the province. New figures from the Tandlægeforeningen shows that younger dentists graduated after 1990 are evenly distributed over the entire country, when it comes to private practice. It writes Tandlægebladet. Seen in relation to the total number of dentists... [Read more]

Released: 8. June 2009 in the categories News
Kommunal tandpleje i frit forfald Municipal dental care in free-decay

The dental chair that is patched with gaffa-tape which in the processing must be supported with klinikassistentens knees to fall together. It can the 840 children on the waiting list in the north Funen municipality can look forward to. Follow the fylde is equipped in the nordfynske municipal dental care in a heavily decay that it is purely and simply... [Read more]

Released: 21. may 2009 in the categories News
Professor fraråder anbefaling af sukkerfrit tyggegummi Professor advises against the recommendation of sugarless gum

The EU experts have recognized chewing gum with xylitol as a preventive against dental caries. But now, warns a professor of dentistry in Copenhagen against overfortolke the message that sugar-free gum with xylitol reduces risk of tooth decay in children. A group of experts from the European Food Safety Authority has ruled that xylitoltyggegummi... [Read more]

Released: 14. may 2009 in the categories News
Vand med citronsaft ætser tænderne Water with lemon juice etches the teeth

Cola, fruit Juices and smoothies are far from the only drinks you should be careful with, if you want to avoid acid injuries to the teeth. Water with lemon or limeskiver is almost just as bad for the teeth such as cola. Summer, sun and cold drinks Now summer is approaching rapidly, increasing the need for cold drinks to make the thirst with... [Read more]

Released: 6. may 2009 in the categories News
Tandsundheden blandt Grønlandske småbørn alarmerende Tandsundheden among Greenlandic children alarming

Tandsundheden among Greenlandic children and young people is so poor that small children down to one year of age will get pulled mælketænderne out. “We must often remove the bad baby teeth because of advanced caries in young children,” says dentist Jørgen Ramstedt Jensen in Tasiilaq. “If you do not take care of your teeth, you can get... [Read more]

Released: 22. april 2009 in the categories News
Ældre benytter sig ikke af omsorgstandplejen The elderly do not use omsorgstandplejen

While older citizens in some of the country's municipalities do not get offers on the statutory omsorgstandpleje, sorry for the other municipalities over the lack of commitment to the scheme. Instead of spending time in transport and waiting time at the dentist, the elderly and the disabled, in many cases, receive both studies, forebyggele of injuries and treatment... [Read more]

Released: 15. april 2009 in the categories News
Skoletandpleje kan forebygge dårlig livsstil Skoletandpleje can prevent bad lifestyle

”Children with many dental problems often have other health problems. Therefore skoletandplejen be a key player in the fight against inequality in health.” In a new sundhedsoplæg from the conservative social and sundhedsordfører Vivi Kier, put the conservatives now up to skoletandplejen needs to be more active in the fight against the de... [Read more]

Released: 4. april 2009 in the categories News
Ældre får ikke den tandpleje de har krav på The elderly do not get the dental care they need

A study of Older Case has made shows that tandløshed is one of the non-life-threatening diseases, as the older citizens fear the most. It will surely come as no surprise to anyone that the senior citizens also want to have healthy teeth. They have a desire to be able to chew their food. They will be free of toothache. And that they have a desire to be able to smile at... [Read more]

Released: 25. march 2009 in the categories News
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