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Patientforsikring convicted for speech about drug

Tandlægeforeningens Patientforsikring has today been ordered to pay CMS Dental € 2.5 million. kr. in damages. Judgment in a case concerning an article in the Tandlægebladet from 2005. In the article advised the president of the Tandlægeforeningens Patientforsikring dentists to be careful when they used the 4 % articaïne for anesthesia in the lower jaw. The verdict... [Read more]

Released: 4. december 2009 in the categories News
Tandpleje til hjemløse og sociale udsatte breder sig Dental care for homeless people and social vulnerable spreads

It is no longer only at Bisserne in Copenhagen, that homeless people can get their teeth. Aalborg, Randers, Odense and Aarhus, have now also been granted money to tandplejetilbud to the social vulnerable. At the same time the Copenhagen look forward to another clinic. – It is absolutely amazing, that socially disadvantaged people in several places in the country can now get their... [Read more]

Released: 24. november 2009 in the categories News
Tandlægen skal vide alt om dit medicinforbrug The dentist must know everything about your medication use

The dentist need to know if you are taking medication or suffer from something. Many patients forget to inform about their medication use, but it can prove to be crucial to the outcome of a dental treatment that the dentist is informed. Up against every tenth dane takes blood-thinning medication to prevent blood clots. But while blodpropperne... [Read more]

Released: 4. november 2009 in the categories News
Sutten på tommefinger kan give tandproblemer The nipple on the tommefinger can provide dental problems

Narresutten, also known as the nipple on the thumb, can give children overbid or open bite. It shows a new study of suttevaner with pre-school children documented in World Journal of Orthodontics. In the study, a group of 34 preschool children divided into three groups: A group with sutteflaskevaner, a feeding and narresutvaner... [Read more]

Released: 30. October 2009 in the categories News
Billigere at gå til tandlæge Cheaper to go to the dentist

The wise men of The Economic Council is now proposing that it should be cheaper to go to the dentist. In turn, the system must be financed by higher user fees when visiting a private doctor and the emergency room. In the economic wise men efterårsrapport, which appeared 22. October 2009, gives the wise men their bid for a more equitable state support to the... [Read more]

Released: 27. October 2009 in the categories News
Ældre med demens lider under dårlig mundhygiejne Older people with dementia suffer from poor oral hygiene

Dementia brings great changes – also as regards the tandsundheden. Research shows that there is a clear link between dementia and poor oral hygiene. The medicine, people with dementia taking, also, that they get dry mouth, which allows a much greater risk of dental caries and fungal infections. Dentists, caregivers and families must... [Read more]

Released: 27. October 2009 in the categories News
Huller i tænderne smitter fra voksne til børn Tooth decay is transmitted from adults to children

It is probably very few new mothers, who know bakteriesammensætningen in their own saliva and probably even fewer that know this have an impact on their child's dental health the rest of his life. Kisses and hugs are fine, but contact and exchange of saliva can transfer the ”cariesbakterier” from mother to child. Parents should be better informed, sounds assessment... [Read more]

Released: 14. October 2009 in the categories News
Dårlig ånde skyldes tit forstoppelse Bad breath is often constipation

Recent Danish research shows that the explanation of bad breath, often to be found further down than in the oral cavity. The culprit may be constipation, which is the case in up to every fourth patient complaining of bad breath. The solution is usually a healthier lifestyle. Senior physician at the Surgical Department at Hillerød Hospital Tarmlaboratorium... [Read more]

Released: 25. september 2009 in the categories News
Børn i Kalundborg har flere huller end gennemsnittet Children in Kalundborg, denmark has more holes than the average

A lokalsamarbejdsudvalg within the municipal dental care warns against a money-saving lifestyle, which puts up to the children first must be summoned to the dental examination at two years of age, instead of as now by a year of age. Every seventh child lives in a socially deprived home Lokalsamarbejdsudvalget states that every seventh child in the Kalundborg municipality. [Read more]

Released: 14. september 2009 in the categories News
Forældre tager ikke ansvar for børnenes tandsundhed Parents do not take responsibility for the children's dental health

Two out of five parents defying Tandlægeforeningens recommendations, and does not help their children to brush their teeth, shows a new study carried out by Codan forsikring. In the following the study has almost every fourth child under 11 years of age in day one or more holes in the teeth. While 44 percent of all children eat candy, two to three times a week. Parents... [Read more]

Released: 1. september 2009 in the categories News
Århus nedlægger 70 procent af skoletandklinikkerne Aarhus shedding 70 percent of the skoletandklinikkerne

The great shortage of dentists, and the children's improved dental health, get now Aarhus municipality to change the current structure of the tandplejeområdet. Skoletandklinikkerne be reduced by approx. 70 percent and dentists must be in a storklinikker. The city council of Aarhus municipality decided Wednesday evening to gather skoletandlægerne on 10-16 storklinikker,... [Read more]

Released: 28. august 2009 in the categories News
Vi er klar til at bekæmpe fedme We are ready to fight obesity

Tandlægeforeningen interfering in the current debate about whether dentists should measure and weigh the children in order to prevent obesity. ”In Tandlægeforeningens the executive committee we find it natural that dentists are to prevent the problem of obesity among children and young people. Dentists in some municipalities already involved in multi-disciplinary consultancy... [Read more]

Released: 27. august 2009 in the categories News
Regionsrådsmedlem undskylder rod i den Nordjyske tandlægevagt Regionsrådsmedlem excuse the mess in the North tandlægevagt

The president of the Tandlægenævnet in the north of Jutland, Regionsrådsmedlem Marian Geller (V), report himself personally ready with an excuse for a German tourist, who at the weekend in vain tried to get treatment for a severe and acute toothache. The German tourist who stayed in a cottage at Grønhøj Beach in north Jutland, was hit by a violent toothache... [Read more]

Released: 18. august 2009 in the categories News
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