Should the dentist grinding on a healthy tooth?

25. march 2010  
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I have been diagnosed with syreskade on a molar in the undermunden. That was put lacquer on as well as a plastfyldning on top of the old, because there was a hammock, ie. a large recess in the filling. When the dentist had to grind the filling, was the filling to be too high. When the opposite tooth in the mouth not filling and the dentist said that there was much enamel on the tooth, sleb she the healthy tooth to make room for the filling. Is it the correct way to do it? I think it seems wrong to grinding on a healthy tooth without a filling.
Therefore, I ask whether it is the correct approach.



Dear Ulla,

It must be an individual assessment, your dentist has done, it is a little difficult to answer concretely. But I would like to avoid grinding of healthy tooth to make room for a filling.

Hope you can use my answer.

With kind regards

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