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The dentist have sanded too much in a penny

Question: Hello I've got a new crown put on a tooth which she ladle! And when the new crown was put in and I was comfortable that was the little too big / tall!! she ladle it a little bit, and it came to fit. But when I then came home and kikket in the mirror I could see that she has sanded too much in the new crown of which is sanded down to something black!!!... [See questions and answers]

Complaint about teeth whitening

Question: Hello I have a couple of days ago got my top 6 front teeth bleached at my dentist. My one incisor is a slightly darker than the other, when it in order to use my dentist's words, is “the sand” after a blow from mælketanden blurted out when I was about. 3 years old. During the whitening was the first for themselves, with a product... [See questions and answers]

There is no guarantee for bad workmanship?

Question: Hi, I have a question regarding a broken tooth due. a root canal treatment. Now I can see in one of your replies that there is no guarantee for root canal treatment?? I got in the month of march made a root canal, and it looked fine, said the dentist, but now there broken a piece of the tooth and the treatment is also broken, when I... [See questions and answers]

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Complications after root canal treatment. Who pays?

Question: I have made a root canal in my tooth, and when this began to crumble, I made a crown instead (in the month of February 2009). Now I have got an infection in the same tooth, which has developed into a large tooth abscess. It has been incredibly painful and has been on the pencilinkur and pain. I have today (d. 7/9-09) has been... [See questions and answers]

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