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What is a gnatologisk treatment

Question: can you explain to me what a gnatologisk treatment is and how long does the Johan Answer: Dear Johan, A gnatologisk treatment (English voice: Bidfunktions treatment) is when you get directed to imbalances in your sammenbid. It is individually how long such a treatment lasts. It depends on the bl.a. of age and which treatment is... [See questions and answers]

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What is a tooth in a tooth

Question: Hi I have what my dentist calls a tooth for a tooth, she says it is rare . Do you know it ? Erika Answer: Dear Erika, Yes on the technical language we call it a tooth in a tooth, in latin its in-dente. It seems very rare, ca. 5 % of the population. It means in ordinary speech that the tooth is folded into itself. Hope you can... [See questions and answers]

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Examine sore tooth with the scanning

Question: Hello. My incisor no.2 is sore, if I possibly tykker on something a little hard, you can't see that there is something wrong on the ray, the nerve in the tooth is also examined and are in working order, what can there be wrong? you have the opportunity to examine this, possibly, by a scan? With kind regards Else Answer: Dear Else, If you f.ex. cuts teeth... [See questions and answers]

Remove visdomstand close to bihulen

Question: Hello. I am going to the dentist on Thursday, and ha (fol.a.)removed the last visdomstand. It is filled with holes. My dentist says it sits close to the bihulen... I suffer from dental phobia and have already hurt in the stomach. It sounds really creepy!! Is there some ricici – as my dentist will not/have told me...???... [See questions and answers]

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Treatment options in crack in molar

Question: What treatment options are there ? It consists of the following: 1 crack in a molar in the mouth. The crack is horizontal around 1 of the 4-headed extremely at the tip just above the old dental fillings but the tooth. The tooth has an old sølvfyldning in the middle. I'm not particularly crazy about having drugged and drilled, is the only option... [See questions and answers]

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