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Baby teeth

Question: Hi our daughter at 7 1/2, has only lost 2 baby teeth at the bottom of the mouth – is this normal?? There are no new teeth to look, at the top or behind her baby teeth and no rokketænder... Thought that you, as a 8 year old had most of his adult teeth? She was late to get his baby teeth... we need to do... [See questions and answers]

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the implant sits a little loosely

Question: For 3 weeks also I've got an implant in my gum. The gums looks nice, but I'm starting to feel that it can move a little if I push it with my tongue. It's not much, but I'm concerned. Does it fall out? Answer: Dear Jurgita It is not a good sign, if it is the implant that move... [See questions and answers]

Removed visdomstand, but no stitches?

Question: Hello Dentist Letterbox I got operated on a visdomstand out today, who lay almost horizontally in the jaw in the right side. I have not particularly hurt, I can chew and talk without problems, but is very sore up under the jaw, also when I turn the head. It is well, what you can expect after an intervention, but I have read others ' feature, and... [See questions and answers]

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Grants for a ceramic hanger

Question: Hello Dentist! I am a young guy of 17 years who is going to get fixed my smile and my jaws. Right now I'm sitting with a sign palate with ganebøjle as expanding my upper jaw. Then I must have put rail, and fixed my teeth. Since I am still under 18, this is all paid for by the municipality. Now I'm sitting so... [See questions and answers]

child 5 years

Question: My grandson 5 years old has a few holes in the teeth, but may not like to get the mask on so he can get nitrous oxide. He sits nicely up in the chair but when the mask is approaching he becomes very upset. Why can't they give him something soothing before he must have the mask on ?? I have heard other dentists do. Dentists... [See questions and answers]

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Dental crown and warranty

Question: Hello After the prior root canal was jan 17 2011 mounted a crown on my molar. ( price kr. 5119 ). At the Dental inspection on 24 august 2011, there was found inflammation of the tandroden and bone loss in the leg. The tooth was removed the 30. august ( price kr. 1000). The price for the installation of a bridge will be on the kr. 14000. It is the... [See questions and answers]

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pain/inflammation after tooth extraction

Question: I hope you can help me to an explanation of the following: I have a plastfyldning in the right undermund(molar) multiple times is built up because of the tooth was well worn and not much left. but so it happens that breaks something again and goes enough with it for long, for I suddenly get pain in the tooth and the pulling up of the neck... [See questions and answers]

Transparent hanger

Question: Hi, I am a girl of 18 years, must have a hanger on within the next month. It is not something I am looking forward to, but it is a part of a treatment that bl.a. also includes a jaw operation. I have searched a bit online, I have seen that it is possible to get a hanger that is more “transparent”, and as... [See questions and answers]

Bridge 3 led

Question: I have made a 3 part bridge, rear molar + the 2 next in undermunden. When I chew with the 3 part bridge, it seems not quite right – not quite the same bite. It is as if it is harder to chew in the side where the 3 part bridge. Outside my teeth nice tightly closed, but when I feel with tongue, I can feel... [See questions and answers]

Answered by in the category Teeth
afdragsordning with my tandlaege

Question: Hi.. I am a woman of 22 years, some teeth are not the nicest to more.. I have a large gap between my front teeth and old veneers on my front teeth, which then need to be replaced.. but I was wondering if it possible to get a afdragsordning with his dentist when it is that you are registered in RKI ?? Answer: Dear Daniella It... [See questions and answers]


Question: I have as a child has braces on the teeth(ganebøjle and nakketræk) I have after I have filled 18 years old had problems with my one visdomstand in undermunden(got the other operated out before I turned 18 years old) It turns out that there is no space for the tooth and that the tooth has been rounded/curved may p.g.a. hoops. The tooth is sitting so the... [See questions and answers]

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Question: Hello I have a question, it is now some years since I had been at the dentist. I have and still been very overweight, but have been through a major weight loss, and has now come forward to the teeth again to have the attention. My question is whether I can possibly be addressed in an alm. tandlægestol.... [See questions and answers]

You can get fixed teeth in him?

Question: You can get fixed teeth in him. Have had the rail before when I was a little less. But have talked with my doctor, he says it the same if you don't feel comfortable you should get it fixed. Panum I have heard a little about the students who undersøæger the teeth. But don't know if they can also fix the teeth as it is my... [See questions and answers]

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