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Tooth “pulled” out

Question: Hello I have had a hole in the inner tooth in the mouth for a while. I chose to book an appointment at a new dentist than my usual, when my “old” dentist was too expensive. I have taken an x-ray of the tooth before the dentist begins to drill into it. It ends with, that the hole is so deep,... [See questions and answers]

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There is no warranty on the work performed?

Question: I have lost a gold crown put on a broken tooth. Thus, it has only been cast on the rest of the tooth that was left. It is about a year ago, I got it made. Is the dentist be liable ift. to repair the damage, so put the crown on again without payment, or is there no guarantee on work performed? I have... [See questions and answers]

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How is it when you put the crown on?

Question: Hello. I've just been at my dentist and had a tooth in the undermunden 2 times because plastfyldningen fell of and I have now been told that if it ruptures again, there is a crown on. My question is how is it when you put the crown on, and how long does it take and what does the dentist before to make the tooth... [See questions and answers]

The death of a tooth after affixed to the crown

Question: Hello I've got the makings of a crown on a molar,but I can still not chewing with the tooth. It is now almost 1 year ago, and the two times I have been cut something of the hump, as she believed this could be the reason for that I can't chew. This has not helped, and now consider my dentist to the nerve may be dying and that... [See questions and answers]

Can root canals be avoided by changing lifestyle?

Question: Hello. Thinking In the dentists never over whether root canals can be avoided by restructuring of the diet and their ways of life, as f.example,smoking, lack of exercise ? I have had many root canals, they first as a teenager and since then have teeth just not been in order and is now falling apart in small pieces, fordii no longer... [See questions and answers]

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Pay for two root canals

Question: Hi I have 5 years ago, got a tooth rodbehandlet. I should have it crowned. The dentist finds that the tooth is not “completely dead”. So it must rodbehnadles again. They charge 1200 dkk once!! Is it true that you can get and have to pay 2 times for the same tooth rodbehandlet 2 times??? I have not paid... [See questions and answers]

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Is my tooth rodbehandlet?

Question: I have lost a crown, went to the dentist, who could tell me, that it could not be put in again when there was Karius in the tooth, also said that there was rodebehandlet,which I believe it is(it is a number of years ago). Pga. disease partly at the dentist and me, I have now gone with the “open” root in about a month, where it is... [See questions and answers]

Is the refusal of the new treatment reasonable?

Question: Hello! I was at my dentist,fitted a gundkrone on a tooth for approx. two years ago, the price was approx. 6000kr. For approx. 3 months. ago, broken root of the tooth, where the golden crown was mounted on, and there was no other way, than to pull the tooth out. My dentist will give me 3300kr back, but only on the condition that I get deployed... [See questions and answers]

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What do I claim on the ifm. with a bad bridge?

Question: For two and a half years ago I had replaced a 4-membered bridge in the middle of the mouth. Shortly after, it turned out that the outermost tooth to the left had a crack in the porcelain on the cross in the middle of the tooth. The dentist now has two times reparet the crack with a plastfyldning. I have asked if there is an insurance that covers such a thing and... [See questions and answers]

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Can rodbetændelse be the cause of the palpitations.m.m.

Question: Can rodbetændelser (residues after already rodbehandlet teeth)cause bodily unrest, heart palpitations, mm, I can't find an external cause on the + to ledinflamation after sportskader will not all? On røgentbillederne is that ifl. my dentist is very little inflammation to see, so he does not believe it can have meaning, when I don't have... [See questions and answers]

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Is it skoletandplejen who has the responsibility?

Question: Hello. My daughter of 18 has just been at her new dentist (after skoletandplejen) and diagnosed with 8 holes, the 4 are serious. The gums are also problems with. The dentist said to her that he does not understand that skoletandplejen not have done or said something, when she was there last. WHAT CAN WE DO? HOW CAN WE GET FOUND... [See questions and answers]

Dentists who treat without drilling

Question: I have read in bt that you ca make teeth without drilling. I would like to have one or more addresses of dentists who use the technique. I live in Børkop, between Vejle and Fredericia. My dentist is located in Middelfart. Sincerely, Kirsten Answer: Dear Kirsten, I assume that you must have read this article in B. T. 19. april 2010 “Finish... [See questions and answers]

Can I get the dentist to remove a crooked tooth?

Question: Hey I have a crooked tooth which I have had since I was little, would like me to remove it and put a plastic tooth instead! who will do the operation? Georg Answer: Dear Georg, I find it hard to believe that you can get a dentist to remove a tooth there is no error, besides that it is skewed. There are other alternatives,... [See questions and answers]

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